Why Fashion Diversity is Vital

Fashion diversity is the presence of vast choices. Diversity is indicative of a society that values individual freedom and right to own personal property--the fundamental cornerstone of a civil and just society.

Fashion is often considered simply an artistic expression by individuals. While it's not a basic necessity for physical survival, fashion choices provide the exercise of freedom and ownership of an idea.

Oppressed societies are often completely devoid of fashion diversity because uniformity is dictated through a utilitarian directive from some sort of central authority. In communist nations for example, people dress generally the same--deciding what to wear each day is more about the need to blend in for survival rather than to attract scrutiny of the authorities.

The less free, the less diverse. In the same way, when a society is dominated by fashion monopolies, their is less incentive to create new ideas and people are left with fewer choices. Less market competition usually coincides with designers and producers having less freedom to create.

Oppression happens when people loose their will to be free. Whether through conflict, economic debauchery, corruption, famine or otherwise, the will for freedom can diminish. However, people who practice making choices to live diverse and independent lives usually maintain a strong desire for freedom.

Fashion diversity helps remind people they have choices. Choices are the basis for freedom.

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