Sun Exposure: Is Mainstream Fashion Making Men Sick?

Imagine if simply changing a wardrobe could make a person healthier. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the leading causes for long term health problems. The vast majority of people living in the US and Canada suffer from not having enough vitamin D. Studies show that the lack of this important element eventually manifests into deadly illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

Nature didn't seem to plan for humans to be shielded from sunlight. Unlike feathered and fury animals, we humans derive most of our natural vitamin D through our skin when it is exposed to bright sunlight. For hundreds of thousands of years, our ancestors thrived in the sun before clothing was invented. It takes millions of years for evolution to make major adjustments--so most of our bodies cells are looking for sunlight.

Sunlight is as important as food and water. However, modern fashion (especially for men) doesn't provide an opportunity for adequate sun exposure. From corporate-wear to workwear, men are covered from head to toe--often having nothing more than face and hand exposure. Women's fashion does a bit better in this regard as legs, shoulders arms and feet are often exposed to the sun. Perhaps sun exposure is part of the reason why women typically live longer than men?

Why should fashion be a reason for men not to live a long and healthy life? Fashionable tank tops, shorts and sandals are a great summer solutions to getting more vitamin D. However, having more fashion options will make it easier to ensure that you maximize sun exposure. Men's kilts, skirts, and sarongs provide fashion alternatives for the legs, while tops of light transmitting fabrics, bare arms and wide neck lines give exposure to the upper body.

Beachwear fashion for men in recent decades has gravitated to longer baggy shorts and t-shirts. While it seems that it is no longer considered modest for men to show their knees in public, women's beach fashions continue to expose more skin than ever. Quick coverups for men like sarongs and tunics can be great for going to the beach or park to layout in the sun in a bikini without offending people along the way.

More and more studies are revealing that sun exposure may not be the evil cancer-causing menace that was believed in recent decades. Along with a healthy diet, sun exposure can actually reduce the chances of getting life-threatening diseases provided that your body is getting all the other nutrients it needs. Moderation and variety are the key to living a long and healthy life. However, if you are a heavy smoker, drinker or drug user... and refuse to eat good foods, then it is quite possible that the sun could be toxic with your bad habits.

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