About the Anti-Fashion Blog

"Fashion" is defined as a popular style or practice. Conversely, anti-fashion is the antithesis of fashion--an alternative train of thought. All fashion starts with an idea that is contrary to what's popular. While few ideas ever become popular fashion, the generation of ideas is what keeps fashion changing.

The purpose for starting this blog is to enlighten people about the need to preserve "free thought". Fashion reflects the collective whims and aspirations of society. As the ideals of progressivism proliferate around the globe, fashion (especially for men) has become standardized into a lockstep march of generic humanoid existence.

The call to assimilate into a homogenized state of "academically tested and approved" common thinking has never been greater. The pressure for individuals to look the same and think the same is increasing at every level of society.

This "Anti-Fashion Blog" is about presenting an opposing viewpoint that promotes individual freedom--freedom of thought, freedom of ideas, and freedom to communicate them.

The right to think, dream and express different ideas is fundamental to the unalienable human rights bestowed by creation. As with all forms of freedom, what is not exercised is lost. Common thinking is a form of repressive tyranny when it grows to dominate all aspects of human thought--resulting in the retardation of society.

Fashion should be what each and every individual desires, not what mobs of influential people dictate. While the bulk of society may choose to follow popular trends, the freedom to deviate is paramount to maintaining a healthy balance between invigorating new ideas and widely accepted methodology.

The same holds true with all aspects of society. Each and every individual must be free to think to assure that humans can continually adapt to the inevitable changes of our existence. Common thinking must continually be freely challenged for society to survive and thrive.

About Jay Dezelic

"Jay Dezelic" is a name chosen to represent the fashion design creations of an anonymous industrial design engineer and inventor. "JD" applies principals of industrial design along with influences from both past and present cultures to create comfortable, practical and unique clothing designs for men. The objective is to create a fusion of cross-cultural ideas and technology that open people up to uncommon thinking.

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